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The Digitrade Exchange is an #opjumpball  project built on behalf of the  International Innovation Agency  


Digitrade is building a high performance electronic end-to-end exchange platform for institutional trading. Digitrade will be deployed with front-end and FIX order execution, pre-trade risk and middle-to-back office operation solutions for African and Latin American Banks, regulated exchanges and professional market participants. 


Digitrade is being built by a team with experience in building and delivering innovative high performance technology products for tier 1 capital markets. The system will provide a core set of interoperating modules including; a matching engine, a market-data ticker plant, advanced order routing and interfaces for trading and administration. 


Digitrade will be utilized mainly by regulated exchanges and financial institutions who will trade bitcoin, select coins, tokens and asset backed tokens directly between themselves. While most trading will be done by exchanges and banks on behalf of large customers, most trading will be expected to be proprietary, meaning that it will take place on behalf of participants for their own accounts. Participants will use Digitrade to manage their own exchange rate and risk as well as to take speculative positions. 


Market participants will be able to capitalize on a professional and exclusive trading network to access bitcoin liquidity in a larger order size and price increment. In addition to bitcoin, Digitrade will be the exclusive venue for products issued by the Agency. These products will include asset backed tokens such as national currencies, baskets of national currencies, bonds, securities, natural resources or coins and tokens with various attributes created and issued by the Agency directly or on behalf of their member-states to address specific needs or to take advantage of specific opportunities.

For more information about the Agency click here

For more information about Nektar and the #opjumpball click here : 


Membership in Digitrade is reserved to highly capitalized exchanges, designated banks and other institutions that send orders for their own account and/or on behalf of their clients ( Clearing Members ). In addition, Digitrade will issue a limited number of membership seats to individuals and companies that will be eligible to trade directly or provide direct market access to their clients and receive reduced exchange fee rates on their trading activity when such activity is conducted in accordance with Digitrade policies.

The original members of Digitrade will be those approved individuals or companies holding a Nektar ID  who have purchased their membership during the Digitrade Auction held on the Nektar Terminal. Original members will receive preferential rates and will be allowed to lease their seats, rather than sell them. Any membership not initially purchased by original members may not be leased.

Interested participants are invited to register their interest by creating a Nektar ID then requesting their application for membership with Nektar

For more information about membership click here


Third party networks, OMS-EMS and technology providers that maintain their own proprietary market connections that transmit data and/or orders submitted by their clients are invited to contact us by email : 


Market Participants will be able to connect directly to Digitrade’s secure network using the internet. Access will be enabled through FIX API, ITCH, Web interface and all Digitrade certified ISVs. 


Market Participants will be able Host equipment (servers and other infrastructure) and have ethernet connectivity directly to the Digitrade trading system allowing auto-execution and algorithmic engines to operate without latency. Access will be enabled through FIX API, ITCH, Web interface and all Digitrade certified ISVs. 


Digitrade will make its network available to the global financial community through extranet providers allowing easy direct set up or through our OMS partners. Access will be enabled through FIX, Web interface and all Digitrade certified ISVs. 


A choice of professional trading platforms including integrated monitoring and risk management tools will be provided to all market participants. Following selection of the ISVs, market participants will have the following connectivity options; 

the #opjumpball will “ deliver the foundation of the infrastructure that will outcompete traditional finance in Africa, Central and Latin America, with an initial implementation available by Q1-2 2024, and part of a broader strategy to accelerate hyperbitcoinization, create bitcoin denominated bonds and issue and list asset backed tokens available for trading and priced in bitcoin.”

Malick Maachi, Founding Managing Director of the Agency

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